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Security Market ResearchSMR has always striven to provide a quality product, clean data, and good solid trading tools. We also strive to present the challenges of trading in an honest, straightforward manner. Instead of getting on late-night TV with sleazy infomercials, promising people that they can get rich quick by trading, we think we can build more credibility by telling the truth. Trading is tough, most people lose money who try it, and it takes time and a lot of discipline to get good at it.

SMR charts have always included its proprietary momentum oscillators. SMR has been an authority on momentum oscillators and is used by major brokerage firms, research staffs, trust departments, floor traders, money managers, and independent traders. SMR is noted in four trading books: Linda Raschke's Street Smarts; Marty Schwartz's Pit Bull; and is featured exclusively in Chick Goslin's Intelligent Futures Trading and Trading Day by Day.

The beginnings of SMR date back to 1966. Throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s, SMR was one of the leading paper charting services in the world, and one of the very few to include both Stock and Futures charts.

As the internet became more popular, paper charts became obsolete and SMR Pro was born. In 2006, the first version of SMR Pro software opened up the world of SMR charting to a whole new generation of traders by being more accessible via the internet. John and Brad have worked closely to develop an enhanced version of SMR Pro with exciting new tools for both the novice and experienced trader.

The SMR Management Team

Brad Crotzer began his career on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange, in the Energy pits. While working in New York, he worked closely with Joe Terranova (CNBC Market Specialist and Fast Money trader) to develop Joe’s popular Energy Report. Brad joined SMR in 1995, and has always had a passion for market dynamics. He has studied market trends for over 15 years, using the unique tools that SMR is based upon. Brad developed SMR Pro’s TrendRider trend detection system, and conceived the idea for the SMR Momentum Report.