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I have been an SMR client since 1983. Prior to the SMR Pro software, I had the stock chart book sent Fedex every Friday for Saturday delivery. To this day, I use SMR every day. It is the only product that I know of that can help me understand how the stocks are moving in relation to the overall Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ. I have always been a very satisfied customer, and your support has always been exceptional. Thank you for providing us this valuable tool.

- Bill Crowder


I have used SMR for 30 years. It is my “go-to” charting service. It has helped me be extremely successful.
Thanks SMR,

- Marty Schwartz
Author of PIT BULL –
Lessons from

Wall Street’s
Champion Trader


Brad and John, thank you for keeping SMR alive. You have made the SMR Pro software the best trading tool that I have ever used. Would not, COULD not, trade without it. Please keep SMR Pro forever available for traders to use.

- George Mikkelsen


I have been a subscriber to SMR for over 35 years, starting when it was called WALL STREET TOP 50. That should say something about how satisfied and rewarding I have found the service. I cannot begin a trading day without the SMR charts and oscillators.

- Hayes Noel


SMR Pro is a fantastic product. I especially like the SL Turn indicator, that tells you at what price the SL will turn from "up" to "down" and vice versa, because it allows you to anticipate trend reversals in the underlying price.

- Tom Frederich


SMR’s momentum oscillators are reasonably reliable indicators and work well, to let me know when to make a trade, in or out. No more watching financial news for me. Just updating SMR Pro five nights a week keeps everything as simple as possible for successful trading.

- Russell Newberry


I have been a professional trader for 27 years. Of ALL the tools I utilize, SMR is one of the most useful. I have been receiving SMR since the 1980's and would recommend it to all serious traders.

- Christopher Brecher


I have had nothing less than outstanding interactions with SMR. The SMR trading methodology works in all market conditions, and all time frames. Serious traders know this is a hard business. There are no shortcuts, and I really appreciate the way SMR treats and supports their customers.

- Jon Sutton

"Number One" SMR Fan


SMR charting service offers a no-nonsense approach to this difficult vocation we call trading. With their features, I am able to follow price movement at my own pace and better anticipate the future likelihood of price continuation. Combine SMR's reliable data with the experience and insight that the brokers at Futures Tech offer, and you have a solid base to build your trading plan upon.

- Christopher Carides



Once you really get a grasp of how the SMR indicators work, they're like a gift from God. They just work beautifully.

- Stan Rheiner



I've tried a lot of different things over the years, and I've read a ton of books on trading. But I keep coming back to the SMR oscillators. I haven't found anything that I like better..

- Brian Lizak